The information on this page is provided to assist you with the use of copyrighted music and materials within the ministries of Christ Community Church. For guidelines for ministries outside of CCC, please see the Duplication Policy section below.

Purpose of Policies

The purpose of this section is not to place a heavy burden on the ministries of Christ Community Church. However, churches have an obligation to honor the work and ministry of others and the laws designed to protect that work. Often, there is too casual of a mindset in churches and ministries in regards to the copying of any type of resource, whether it is books, teaching or training materials, video, or audio or printed music. The church should lead the way with integrity in complying with copyright laws.

Many authors, composers, or publishers may be willing to permit duplication free of charge. However, unless it is stated clearly in the materials, permission to duplicate should always be requested and obtained prior to duplicating these works. We believe that God honors and rewards our integrity in these matters.

For any questions regarding the use and copying of copyrighted materials at CCC, please contact Phil Hill.

Download and Use Policy

All of the PDF files on this site are made available and can be downloaded free of charge for use by individuals and ministries of Christ Community Church. Please remember that these resources are copyrighted materials and the contents of these files may not be altered in any way. In addition, you may not charge any recipient for distribution of these files or their reproductions.

For other churches and ministries outside of Christ Community Church, please see our downloading and duplication policies below.

Duplication Policy

Christ Community Church ministries:

The duplication of any copyrighted work requires securing permission from the author/composer and publisher. Without express permission, you cannot legally make copies of music, or other copyrighted materials, in any form (including print, CDs, digital files, video, etc.). Christ Community Church utilizes CCLI for complying with music copying requirements. However, our CCLI license does not cover all copying and use of copyrighted materials. If you have any question regarding whether materials or music duplication is covered, please contact Phil Hill.

All ministries within Christ Community Church must comply with copyright laws and requirements. In addition, individuals within our ministries are strongly encouraged to follow these guidelines when obtaining music and other copyrighted materials for their personal use. A good rule of thumb is that unless you have been given specific permission by the publishers and copyright owners, it is probably not legal to make copies.

Churches and Ministries Outside Christ Community Church:
Print Duplication:

Printable music resources (lyrics, chord charts, and lead sheets) are offered free on this site and may be duplicated for use in leading congregational worship. If your church or ministry utilizes Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI), please take the time to register the songs that you use. It is a way that you can serve us in return. The songs on this site are registered with CCLI and the information for each song is provided in the CCLI SongSearch catalog.

A License from CCLI gives a church permission to copy from over 150,000 songs for congregational use. This license allows a church to make overhead transparencies, song sheets and songbooks. It also allows a church to input lyrics into a computer, record worship services, and make arrangements of the music (where no published version exists). A CCLI license is a very cost effective way for churches to legally copy most songs used in congregational worship. For more information, please go to the CCLI website.

Our recommendation is for churches to use CCLI. For most churches, it is more time consuming and costly to not be a member of CCLI. In addition, they have multiple other resources for member churches. Their cost is adjusted according to church size, so as not to be a burden to smaller churches or budgets. Most songs used in churches today are registered with CCLI. Therefore, a church with a CCLI license has access to thousands of songs and covers most of their music duplication needs for their congregation. For more information on what types of duplication are covered, please go to the CCLI website.

Mechanical License:

In order to use a song in an audio project (CD, digital downloads, etc.), please contact us to inquire about a mechanical license.

Resources on Copyright Related Issues