Bigger Fish to Fry

Yesterday, as I was thinking through and preparing to vote in today’s election, I came across an article by David Mathis, who is the executive editor for John Piper and Desiring God. He offered a challenge for followers of Christ, both for this election and as we live out our lives as citizens. The main point of his article is that we have bigger fish to fry than this, or any, election.

He reminded me that Jesus’ mission is far bigger than today’s election. Actually, there is no comparison. And our calling as Christians is to about making disciples. Yes, we exercise our rights as citizens. We vote. We stand up for and support issues, as God leads us. But we need to remember that the ultimate changes that our nation and this world needs will never come through elections, government, or the efforts of the human race. True change, hope, and freedom will come only through Jesus Christ. Only God changes hearts. And, as Christians, our true citizenship is in heaven.

I won’t continue to summarize his article. You can read it for yourself here – Bigger Fish to Fry: Politics and the Priority of Disciplemaking. However, here is a quick quote from the article:

“The election cycle is no time for taking a break from the Great Commission labor of disciplemaking, or seeing if we can cut a few corners on ‘kingdom advance’ by getting the right fellows into office or the referendums past the people. At least not for the Christian.

“Please do vote. Yes, do get involved with as much as you can stomach. But Christian, don’t be consumed. Politics is not our life. We have bigger fish to fry. Both politics and disciplemaking are important, but only one is Jesus’s prescription for changing the world.”

Until the day when the rightful King returns or He calls us home, let us be busy pursuing Him and building His kingdom.

Together for His glory…

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