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Christ Community Worship is the music and worship ministry of Christ Community Church, where we have the privilege of serving and growing together. Our desire for our ministry is that it would be defined by a passionate pursuit of God, offering teaching and resources that are Christ-centered and Biblically-based. We pray that the resources included here assist you in your pursuit and worship of our God and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together! Psalm 34:3 ESV
One Holy Passion by Christ Community Worship
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We praise God for His faithfulness in bringing this project to reality and pray that He would use it for His glory and to minister to the lives of many people.

We want God to use us to reach and bless as many people as possible with the ministry and resources He has given to us, so we are offering free downloads of the songs.

We pray that this album will be a blessing to you and encourage in your relationship with God.

Teaching from the Word
Pastor Mike Priest of Christ Community Church, as well as other church leaders and guest speakers, bring the teaching of the Word of God each week. For a listing of available messages, check out the online sermon resource page on the CCC website. Here is a sampling of the some of messages provided:
  • The Great Awakening (Easter) - Mike Priest (Matthew 28:1-10) - audio
  • Good Friday Message - Adam Sanftner - audio
  • David and the Giant God - Mike Priest (1 Sam 17:1-58) - audio
  • Friendship - Mike Priest (1 Sam 17:55-18:9) - audio
  • Where is God in the Storm? - Mike Priest (Acts 27:1-24) - audio
  • Making Disciples - Mike Priest (Acts 18:1-28) - audio
  • A Sharp Dispute - Mike Priest (Acts 15:36-41) - audio
  • Peter's Conversion - Mike Priest (Acts 9:32-10:23) - audio
  • Giving What You Have - Mike Priest (Acts 3:1-26) - audio
  • A Response to Injustice - Adam Sanftner (Acts 25:1-27) - audio
  • The Evangelical Church According to St. Peter - Adam Szabados (1 Peter) - four messages
Phil Hill's Blog: In Pursuit of the Life of Worship
Phil Hill is the worship pastor at Christ Community Church. He writes a blog aimed at exploring the foundational principles for worship ministry in the church as well as what it means to pursue a life of worship. Phil will also share various ministry updates and opportunities for the ministry of Christ Community Worship. Join us for the journey at In Pursuit of the Life of Worship.

Here is a sample of the blog entries Phil has shared:
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We pray that the music and resources on this site will be beneficial to you you seek to worship the Lord. If you find these resources helpful, pass the word along to others. You will serve us as we seek to serve you and others. Thanks!
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Phil Hill's Blog
Phil's insights on music, worship, and life through his blog In Pursuit of the Life of Worship.
Worship Ministry Resources
What are the foundational principles that should guide us in our worship of God Insights on this topic and other helpful resources are offered on the Worship page.
Music Resources
Insights regarding music and songwriting for the church as well as other music ministry related resources can be accessed on the Music page.
Song Charts and Lead Sheets
Download charts and lead sheets for songs. Song lyrics and background notes are provided as well.